Don’t Waste Another Year Doing The Same Sh!t…

I have seen that many people keep saying that

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There’s no change at all. We are unable to move forward. It seems someone has tied us up. Why are we not progressing? God is not with us. People keep saying many such negative things.

First, you should stop speaking about all these negative things because what you think inside is expressed outside.

Think About Your Past

Now I want you to think about your last few years like, What kind of people were you in contact with? How was your routine? How was Mindset? How serious were you about your dreams? You have to think about a lot of things like that.

I know 70% of you have had a lot of fun in your last years, been with a lot of toxic people, been in toxic relationships, wasted a lot of time, and played with yourself too much, so Do you think your life will change if you are still doing the same thing today?

And 30% of people were a little serious about their lives but not on the right track.

Want To See The Change Then First Change

Many people want to see a change in their life, but have you changed? Or are you still the same as you were before?

If you have been wasting your time for the last few years, living with toxic friends, and you are not focused, how can your life change?

You can’t expect change without change. So if you want change, then you need to change. Make a new version of yourself, be focused on life, discipline & be consistent. Then you will see changes in your life.

Make a routine

People don’t have any routine. They sleep and wake up at any time they want. They do whatever they want at any time. Ask yourself a question: will the routine of successful people also be like yours? You know how much they value time. How disciplines they are because the only difference is that they are serious about their life & you are not.

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.

Value The Time

Remember one thing God has given the same to everyone. Everyone has been given the same time. The difference is that some people use time properly and some don’t. Please don’t waste your time. Many people are just watching the time pass by. People think if time is over today, then tomorrow we’ll get it back. But you are forgetting that time is not just passing, the time of your life is also decreasing.

That means as the days are passing, you are not moving forward in life, rather you are moving closer to death. It means you don’t have so much time. So stop wasting your time & be serious about your life…

If I deposit $100000 in your bank account and tell you that this money must be used within 24 hours, otherwise it will become 0 after 24 hours and after 24 hours you will get your $100000 back in your bank account. So what will you do? Definitely, you will use all the money.

So why don’t you use time? This is a very valuable thing. Time can never be bought. So give importance to time today, then time will give importance to you.

Now think, how were you in the last few years? And how are you now? Do you have any changes or not? If not, then the time is still not gone. Everything is in your hands…


Remember, habits play a huge role in your success. So if you have bad habits, then replace them with good ones. There has to be a routine, a journey map, and a plan. Then you will get closer to success.

You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your FUTURE.

Why Journey Map?

If I want to go to any city. I have set out on my journey, but I don’t know the way to reach the city. So I will go astray, wander around or it will take a long time to reach me or maybe I will never be able to reach.

Similarly, many people know what to do in their life, and what is their destination. But they don’t have a plan, because for this reason they don’t get success and they lose again and again and get disappointed.

Or else they make some plans, but it is a plan to lose, not to win. So make sure you make a winning plan. & when you plan something well, there is no need to rush. Just believe in yourself & be patient & consistent.

Be selfish

And if you feel that for the last few years you are facing problems because of some people or because of them you are not able to move ahead in life, then without thinking about anything, remove them from your life. Thinking about your own good is not a bad thing. Be selfish.

And don’t be your own enemy. Don’t get drunk, don’t spoil your life with your own hands. Remember, everything is in your hands. Always listen to your heart…

I pray that whatever difficulties have come in your life; you get the strength to fight them, and soon you will get your destination. Wishing you good health & success…

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