How I Use Social Media…?

As I have mentioned in a previous blog post, the use of social media has caused many bad things to happen in our generation, such as self-doubt, depression, crime, and many others. Whoever uses social media for timepass, please stop. You think you are being entertained, but you don’t realize how it affects your mind. Get away from social media and live in the real world! Meet your friends, eat, and have fun.

But if you want, you can use social media for good. Let’s know how I use social media….

I have no other social media application on my phone except YouTube. Not even Instagram, and I don’t even use any other social media applications. I deleted these apps because I was unable to understand when I was moving from one app to another. It wasn’t my fault. I spent a lot of time on these apps because they’ve been created in a way that we became addicted to them. That’s why I deleted them. I use Instagram, but only on the web.

I do not use social media for entertainment. I do not see any posts or stories from any of my friends or celebrities on social media. I do not have an interest in other people’s lives. More than half are showing off and anyway, what am I going to get by seeing their lives? I am busy building my real-life profile instead of my social media profile.

Now you must be thinking, how do I use social media?

Whatever we search for on social media, we start seeing things related to it. If you look for useful things, then you will see useful things. If you look for useless things, then you will see useless things because social media knows what you are interested in.

So I use social media for educational purposes. There is a wealth of knowledge here, and it is free. I am a writer and a designer, and I do many other things, so I search related social media for these things, so my time is never wasted and my mind is never distracted. Instead, I learn new things whenever I check social media in my free time.

I didn’t tell you any rocket science. Time is very precious. Time passes very quickly. We will not even realize when we will pass with time, so don’t waste your time looking for useless things. Life is short, so pay attention to yourself and make your dreams come true.

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Aditya Mahale

Aditya Mahale

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