How To Be A Dangerous Human Being…?

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Quit P*rn

Do you know what P*rn is doing to your brain?

Porn changes the human brain by rewiring the way you think, especially if you are young. It creates unrealistic expectations and distracts you from real life. Once you become addicted, it’s insanely hard to stop, as it’s the strongest force in human nature.

Too much P*rn can result in:

  • Becoming unable to be aroused by normal sexual encounters.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Shifts brain chemicals/lower regular levels of dopamine.
  • Affects day-to-day concentration.
  • Low energy level or no sense of drive.
  • Lower self-image/sense of self-respect.
  • Encouraging self-isolation.
  • Distracting you from the bigger picture.

It has many disadvantages like this. Think about your good and stop watching porn. You will start seeing the benefits soon.

Sleep 8 Hours Everyday

As a machine needs electricity in order to work, so does your body need good sleep in order to function. You should sleep for 7–8 hours every night because you will have the energy to do the things you need to do.

Meditating can help you sleep better. Do not use electronic devices before going to bed. Read a book before sleeping and imagine the life you want. Sleep and wake up at the right time.

Quit Alcohol

Addiction is a very bad thing. This thing has ruined a lot of people. If you haven’t had any intoxicants to date, that’s a good thing. When we get into the habit of anything intoxicating, it becomes difficult to leave it, so that’s why we should never start these things. Not starting is much easier than quitting.

If you have any drug habit, then leave it. There is no sense in getting high on drugs or alcohol. You will pay for it in the future. I know it is not that easy but with a strong intention and thinking about your good, you can quit it. The short-term enjoyment that you get after intoxication will be very expensive in the future. Remember, our body is not made to take these things. Addiction is not cool, it makes you look like a fool. The body is a temple, keep it full of good thoughts. It is our responsibility to take good care of it.

Workout 5–6 Times

Tell me one thing, no matter how successful you may be, if your health is not good, then what is the use of that success? You will enjoy success only if you have good health. So work on your body as much as you are doing to get success. Pay attention to yourself. Because Health is Wealth.

Read 1–2 Books a Month

I personally read a lot of books. I love reading. I read about my favorite topics and gain knowledge & share. Reading leads to learning many new things and knowledge is never wasted. Keep reading. Life is all about learning. Keep moving forward. You will become a better-minded person.

Practice Delayed Gratification

God has given us many things without doing anything. God has blessed us with many things. Like a house, food, good parents, and a good body. You may find these to be very small things. But just think about those people who live on the street. Those who do not have a house to live in, no food & clothes to wear. Some are handicapped by birth. Can you imagine yourself in their place?

Now think about how much God has given you. You should feel grateful for all those things. And I do not mean to say that if you are middle class, then you have to be like this always. What I mean to say is that you are very strong and more capable than those people. So stop giving excuses. You have the ability to fight all the difficulties in life. Work hard and accomplish your goals, and be a blessing to those who are less fortunate.

Have a Purpose

There is only one life, Live your life like a king, don’t work for others like a slave. There should be a purpose to your life. Just getting up, going to work, earning money, eating, and sleeping isn’t life. You should go outside your comfort zone to experience real life.

Everyone is unique. There is a skill inside every human being. You just have to find that skill and work on it. Put your everything into the work you love to do. Keep going, you will definitely get success. Work hard, be patient, your hard work will never go in vain. Believe in yourself, think big, and do big. choose a unique path if you want a different life. Create your journey map & start the journey…. & Never Give Up because “Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win…”

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