How to get your first 100 followers on Medium…

Medium is much better than social media platforms. But Today’s generation prefers to pass time on social media than gain knowledge. I am not suggesting you only read through Medium, you can also read through other applications, from the web or even via social media applications. Only you should like to read and btw reading is very important for a healthy lifestyle.

To be honest, gaining followers on Medium is not difficult. The writer’s community is very positive. Everyone will support you here.

Creating good content is the key. You should comment on blogs of those who have good followers on the medium and invite them to read your blog as well.

Similarly, you should also comment on the blogs of publications and ask them to read your blog too. Tell them you are interested in writing for their publications as well. You will receive a response shortly.

Follow people, people will definitely follow you back. Make engagement with people, support people, people will also support you.

You are doing a great thing by writing good content. The people who read your knowledge will also benefit from it, and your own blog will also help you in your personal life.

Keep Writing…

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Aditya Mahale

Aditya Mahale

Hi, I’m sharing my thoughts & knowledge. I talk about personal growth & Mindfulness & life.