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Everything is Fake on Social Media

Everyone is posting photos by applying filters on Social Media. People are posting only those photos in which they look good, the photo in which the light must have come well, the photo which must have come from a good angle, and after all this, they also edit those photos so that they look better. And then, seeing the pictures of these people, we think how good they look, how blessed they are, etc.

(I don’t want you to judge people by looks. But on social media, first, we see someone’s looks. What kind of person is he, and what kind of nature has he? We can’t understand these things by just looking at someone’s face.)

Show Off

Everyone is showing fake things here. Some are showing their fake lifestyle. The way these people don’t live in their real life, they are showing a much better life on social media. They Want to show people how good their life is, How cool they are blah blah.

When you know your worth, you don’t need to prove it to others

Real rich people don’t need to show their wealth, people know they are rich, and “Those Who Know Believe”. So if you are trying to show your wealth, then are you rich or poor?

Lack of Time

These days, the days are passing fast. We also have time constraints. The average person spends his 3 hours on social media. In these 3 hours, he talks with friends or keeps watching the lives of others. We have only 24 hours and in these 24 hours, many of our hours go to sleep, work, eat-drink, and other everyday things. Even in a few hours, if we keep looking at other people’s lives, how can we improve our own? How do we get time to work on our skills? Where can we find the time to do what we are passionate about?

New Monster

Earlier we used to see only stories or posts of people. Now a new monster named Short/Reels has arrived. We don’t even understand when a lot of our time is spent scrolling down our phone screens. So now if we don’t have anyone to talk to on social media, even then we can pass our time by watching these Shorts/Reels. Is it worth doing all this? Should we waste our precious time looking at the lives of others?

Ask yourself what would a successful person be doing when I am doing all this? Do successful people waste their time on social media thinking about the lives of others or work on themselves to make their real-life better?

Life is all about you

In life, we should focus on ourselves. If we want to do something in life, if we want to be successful, then we should focus on ourselves or on others? We know all this, yet what are we doing? What do we get from seeing the lives of others? So stop watching other’s life and start watching yours.

Our Battle is with Ourselves

On social media, we sometimes get disturbed or devalue ourselves by looking at the lives of others. Always thinking that the life of others is better than ours. Remember, our battle is with ourselves, not with others. If we compete with others, then perhaps we can never win. Your goal must be to make yourself better than yesterday and be the best version of yourself. The day you win by yourself, you will win in your life.

Social Media Relationships

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Many people are getting into relationships on social media and breaking up with each other without meeting there. Although 10% of the people meet good people on social media, what do you know that you also come among those people? We cannot be close to people without meeting them. Many people get emotionally attached to each other even without meeting. They do a lot of things online which is a terrible & unmatured thing. It is not a good thing in today’s era. Many social crimes are also happening, you should be careful with all these.

People Don’t Care

Some people post sad videos/quotes on their stories/status. I don’t understand what these people want to show us? People who may have hurt you, who may have done bad to you, then you send them personally. Please don’t post your feelings or emotions. People don’t care, on the contrary, they make fun of you.

Why is Social Media Free?

We get nothing for free; we have to buy everything. So why is social media free? Because here we are being bought. Our time & energy is being bought. But we don’t understand it. The creators of social media don’t use social media themselves. The thing has been made in such a way that we become addicted to it.

Good & Bad

Everything has two parts, Good and Bad. You can learn a lot of good things by using social media, you can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home and can do many other things too. And you can also waste your time & energy by watching other people's lives. Now the choice is yours…

I have written these main issues in a very easy language. Further, I am going to do many deep talks on this too, so stay tuned with me. I want you to follow me and join me on my journey to become a better and stronger person.

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